How much is delivery and when will I receive my order?

For all of our delivery rates and times, please go to our Delivery Page.


Do I need to use cleanser or makeup remover with my beauté buff?

No, it works by just using water! Water activates the fibres allowing them to clean deep into your pores and remove all makeup.

Will makeup go back onto my skin, like with wipes and cotton pads?

No, all of your makeup will stay on the beauté buff! The premium microfibres lift and trap all traces of makeup and impurities - smear free, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and invigorated.

Will beauté buff remove heavy mascara and eyeliner?

Our top tip is to ensure you hydrate your beauté buff with plenty of water and then hold the beauté buff over your eye for 5-10 seconds to loosen the makeup before gently wiping it off. 

Is there a difference between the grey & black beauté buff?

Both colours are made of the same premium microfibre and work in exactly the same way. Some of our customers like to really see the makeup coming off so prefer the grey pad. If this isn't you, the black pad will be perfect.

Can I use beauté buff on sensitive skin?

Yes, beauté buff is perfect for all skin types and is great on sensitive skin. We use premium microfibre which is much softer than other microfibres, making it much more gentle and kinder on your skin.


How do I clean my beauté buff?

Simply hand wash with soap and warm water after each use. Pop your beauté buff in the laundry bag and machine wash with like colours, 1-2 times per week.

How long will my beauté buff last?

Each beauté buff is reusable up to 200 machine washes.


How do I become a beauté buff stockist?

For more information, please email info@beautebuff.com


I'm an influencer, how do I work with beauté buff?

For all enquiries, please email info@beautébuff.com