beauté buff is made from premium microfibre, making it so much softer than any other makeup remover pads available.

It's so gentle, you'll be able to feel how soft your skin is after each use.

Perfect for all skin types and great for sensitive skin.

beauté buff gently removes makeup with JUST water.

Water activates the fibres allowing them to clean deep into your pores to lift and trap all traces of makeup and impurities - smear free.

Featuring a super absorbent sponge inside, this allows your beauté buff to retain even more water, so makeup removal is even easier.


  • Makeup, including heavy mascara & eyeliner
  • Dirt & Sweat
  • Oil Based Products
  • Mud & Clay Masks

Reusable up to 200 machine washes, beauté buff is sustainable and non toxic.

Each beauté buff replaces around 500 makeup wipes.

So you can reduce waste and save money, all at the same time.